Chiang, Wen-Tzu

TitleAssociate Professor Chiang, Wen-Tzu 
TEL(02)2236-8225 ext. 3535
Study RoomS608
EducationPh. D. in Educational Psychology and Counseling, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Psychology of Emotion
Emotion and Psychopathology
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Psychological Testing and Assessment
Research Interest:
Emotion Regulation
Emotion Expression and Culture
Emotion and Psychopathology

  • Generational differences in emotion expression: Multi-context analysis.
    National Science Council (NSC-102-2410-H-128-006), 2013/08 ~2014/07
  • Emotion suppression and culture.
    National Science Council (NSC-99-2918-1-001), 2010/08 ~2011/07
  • Ambivalence over emotional expression in social interaction.
    National Science Council (NSC-98-2413-H-128-007), 2009/08~2010/07
  • Emotion expressive suppression in interpersonal context.
    National Science Council (NSC-96-2413-H-128-003-MY2), 2007/08~2009/07
  • Psychological processes in teachers’ emotional labor.
    National Science Council (NSC-93-2413-H-128-002), 2004/08~2005/07
  • Dilemma of classroom assessment reform: Technological, cultural, political, and postmodern perspectives. Shih Hsin University, 2003/08~2004/07
  • Performance assessment: Student-involved classroom assessment.
    Ministry of Education, 2004/08~2005/07
  • Classroom assessment: What teachers need to know.
    Ministry of Education, 2003/08~2004/07
  • Emotional map of student teachers: A social constructivist perspective.
    National Science Council (NSC-90-2413-H128-003), 2001/08~2002/07
  • Emotion regulation: Exploring psychological processes
    National Science Council (NSC-89-2413-H-128-008), 2000/08~2001/07
  • Emotional Intelligence Inventory.
    Taipei Teachers’ In-Service Education Center. 1997/08-1998/07


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