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Mission and Goal

Since its establishment in 1993, the Department of Social Psychology has been the only department of its type in Taiwan. The mission of the department is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between sociology and psychology, taking social psychology as a bridge. It aims at educating specialists well-versed in doing interdisciplinary research or professional work, particularly keeping close tabs on social change and real world problems. Hopefully, it would inspire the students to pursue further studies in sociological/psychological application, and help build the capacity of human resources for the positive social change in Taiwan.

Program Characteristics

Since the program is characterized by interdisciplinary integration and a commitment to aptly addressing the current social issues, its curricular focus consists of two elements: 1. The introduction of fundamental knowledge and theories in both sociology and psychology. 2. An in-depth studies of issues relevant to the social development in Taiwan, and the application of its research findings.

According to the faculty’s areas of expertise, several major approaches are outlined for the program’s curricular focus to heighten students’ insight, interest, and execution skills: marriage and family, media and culture, adolescent studies, deviant behavior, organization behavior, and helping professions (including social work and counseling).

To enhance students’ academic and professional competence, the program, starting from academic year 2011, requires the juniors to decide on their sub-major; that is, sociological or psychological group. After they have had the basic training in both sociology and psychology in their freshmen and sophomore years, juniors and seniors would receive more specialized training according to their interests and academic performance. Not only does it give students the leeway to enjoy the wonders of both sociology and psychology, but it also allows them to pursue their own academic career following a better understanding of the discipline.


Seniors can begin interest-based internships, plying their trade in the following fields: counseling, guidance, crime prevention and rectification, social work, and business organizations to facilitate the integration of theory and practice.


The program’s professional training would inspire students to take delight in sociological and psychological studies, and groom the graduates to make solid yet adaptable contributions to research efforts or professional work. To that end, we open our arms to every aspirant concerned with Taiwan’s social issues, who are interested in exploring sociological and psychological studies, or field application of such to join us.

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