Graduate Program

 Master program of the department remains the only one of its kind in Taiwan that offers a cross-disciplinary training academically as well as professionally. Bridging sociology and psychology with social psychology, we provide an environment of an open dialogue between these two disciplines, and to educate our students to make good use of both sociological and psychological approaches to address any interesting issues.

Since 2003, for instance, a series of conferences has been held under the title of “Dialogues between Sociology and Psychology”. This is a biannual activity that provides not only the opportunity for faculty members to interact with colleagues from various fields, but also a formal occasion for students to learn to work interdisciplinary by involving in oral presentations or discussions.

As our society develops into such a complex one, an integrated approach has become a necessity for us to address any personal or social problems efficiently. Consequently, sociological imagination and sociology’s critical point of views as well as delicate psychological analyses are cherished in our well organized courses. Via the interdisciplinary training of the program, hopefully, our students would be able to cope with any challenges and well manage their personal and professional lives in such an ever changing and ever diversified world.