Chan, Chao-Neng

TitleAssociate Professor & Chairperson
Chan, Chao-Neng
TEL(02)2236-8225 ext. 3531
Study RoomS601
EducationPh. D. in Psychology, Boston University , USA
SpecialtyAttitude & Attitude Change Interpersonal relationships Applied Social Psychology
  Was a son of a Hakka farmer who died in 1985, and grown up at Miao-Ly County , Taiwan . Is a father of 2 lovely young kids, as well a son of the 89-years-old lady. Therefore know the child-care problems in double income family very well, and am particularly concerned about the well-being of the elder. 

 Graduated from Department of Education, National Taiwan Normal University , and majored in education. Received a Ph.D. from Department of Psychology, Boston University , and specialized in social psychology. Had worked for Central New Agency as a journalist for more than two years before 1996. At the summer of 1996, joined the faculty of the Department of Social Psychology, Shih-Hsin University . Had also served as Director of Students Counseling Center at the University for 6 years before taking the position as the Dean of Students Affairs in the August of 2003.
With these personal life experiences and academic backgrounds, I have closely observed the development of the society and have been worried about its problems for years. For instance, Chinese people used to be proud of practicing filial loyalty. However family members have become the victim of violent crimes lately. What can we do about the situation? After practicing counseling for more than six years, I feel that love without methodology is blind; methodology without love is empty. I also believe that interdisciplinary approach is the most efficient to investigate and solve social problems.

 Social psychology, including both psychological and sociological perspectives, surely has a lot to contribute to help the society cope with its problems. I, as an adherent to the Kurt Lewinian Legacy, would rather identify myself as an applied social psychologist, and strongly believe that nothing is more practical than theory. The goal of my career is using social psychology to promote the well-being of our next generations. God bless everyone. God bless the world.