Name Title Specialty Contact
Chan, Chao-Neng Associate Professor &
Attitude & Attitude Change, Interpersonal relationships, Applied Social Psychology

Study Room:S601
Tel :(02)2236-8225 ext 3531

Chang, Szu-Chia Professor Interpersonal and family relationships, marriage and gender studies, culture and self concept, issues on indigenous social psychology

Office Room:S602-1
Tel: (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3539

Chiang, Chiau-Ru Associate Professor Spatial Cognition, The Development of Spatial Cognition

Study Room:S611
Tel: (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3541

Chiang, Wen-Tzu Associate Professor Educational Psychology , Psychoeducational Assessment , Emotional Development ,
Teacher Education

Study Room:S608
Tel : (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3535

Hsieh, Ching-Chi Associate Professor Social psychology, deviant behavior, criminology, juvenile delinquency, self concept and self-esteem

Study Room:S605
Tel: (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3536

Hsu, Fu-Chen Assistant Professor Social psychology, Organizational behavior

Study Room: S612
Tel: (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3540

Hsu, Shu-Sui Associate Professor Group dynamics, Group counseling, Theory and practice of counseling, General psychology

Study Room:S615
Tel : (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3538

Huang, Sheng-Jer Professor Methodology of sociology, sociology of culture, sociology of the media, sociology of art, social psychology

Study Room:S606
Tel: (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3534

Kung, Hsiang-Ming Associate Professor Sociology of Family,
Social Gerontology,
Environmental Sociology

Study Room:S604
Tel: (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3533

Josef (Kuo-Hsun) Ma Assistant Professor Comparative/Global Sociology, Social Problems, Sociology of Education, Sociology of the Family, Quantitative Methods E-mail:jma@mail.shu.edu.tw
Study Room:S705
Tel: (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3543
Tsao, Chia-Rong Assistant Professor Information Society Studies; Science and Technology Studies; Posthumanism; Social Theory E-mail:pastor38@mail.shu.edu.tw
Study Room:S602
Tel: (02) 2236-8225 ext: 3537